Community Preservation Planning

SHP has extensive experience with a wide variety of community preservation planning projects. In addition to authoring preservation plans, Mr. Schneider has participated in citywide, countywide, and regional comprehensive planning efforts.

Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credits

SHP has consulted on more than 200 projects involving federal tax incentives for historic preservation including the use of rehabilitation tax credits and the donation of conservation easements. His services include design consultation, negotiations with state and federal review agencies and easement holding organizations, preparation of Historic Preservation Certification Applications and project appeals.

Environmental Review • Documentation

SHP completed a variety of environmental review projects involving Section 106 and other local, state, and federal regulations. In addition to negotiating with review agencies, he has completed Historic American Buildings Survey level documentation for projects involving a diverse range of sizes and complexity. In addition, SHP has completed numerous urban and rural historic resource surveys, historic structures reports, and published histories.

National Register Nominations

SHP has completed individual, district and multiple property nominations to the National Register of Historic Places. Mr. Schneider extensive experience with rural historic landscape designation including completion of a multiple property documentation project for the Historic Farming Resources of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. He has also completed nominations on such diverse resources as a chocolate factory and aircraft hangars.

Historic District Design Review

Mr. Schneider has extensive experience with a design review issues involving historic buildings and districts. In addition to having served as an applicant before, a consultant to, and a member of historic review boards, he has prepared design review guidelines for several communities.


Mr. Schneider has extensive experience conducing historic resource surveys. Over the past twenty years he has completed both urban and rural surveys ranging in size from cellular telephone tower NEPA reviews involving less than a dozen properties through major countywide surveys that recorded as many as 10,000 properties. He has worked extensively in Alabama, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina as well as in Mississippi, New York and Tennessee.


SHP provides a variety of advocacy services to both the public and private sectors. Mr. Schneider’s background includes rural and urban preservation issues and he has been involved in community efforts to manage suburban sprawl. Among his many activities was the successful nomination of Lancaster County, PA to the World Monuments Watch list.

David B. Schneider
Schneider Historic Preservation, LLC
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