Historic Resource Survey
Ensley, AL • Client: Fuqua & Partners Architects
Fayette, Alabama • Client: City of Fayette
SHP completed a historic resource survey and National Register nomination update for the downtown section of Fayette. The community is hoping to stimulate revitalization by qualifying local properties to utilize federal rehabilitation tax credits and by promoting the area’s rich history.

Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit Project

Howell School, Dothan, AL • Client: The Bennett Group
SHP is currently serving as the historic preservation consultant to the development team working to rehabilitate thehistoric Powell School. Constructed in as a grammar school, the building was converted for use as a pajama factory in 1947. SHP has prepared the nomination for the National Register of Historic Places and will assist with the approval process for federal rehabilitation tax credits.

Ensley, Alabama
Ensley, Alabama • Client: City of Birmingham
SHP is currently completing a historic resource survey and National Register nomination for the downtown section of Ensley. Once the centerpiece of Birmingham’s iron and steel industry, Ensley’s economic fortunes declined with the closure of its factories in the 1970s. The community is hoping to stimulate revitalization by qualifying local properties to utilize federal rehabilitation tax credits and by promoting the area’s rich history.

Ramsay-McCormack Building
Ensley, AL • Client: Fuqua & Partners Architects
The Ramsay-McCormack Building is the only skyscraper in Ensley, once the home of the largest industrial complex in the Birmingham District. Long vacant, the building has been both a symbol of the community’s proud history and of its decline in the years since the closing of the local mills. Listed on the statewide Places in Peril list in 2008, prospects for the building seemed bleak. Veristar Development Services operating as Ensley Centre, L.P. acquired the building in August 2008 with the intent of rehabilitating it into low and moderate income housing for senior citizens. When the development team discovered that in order to meet their lender’s requirements they had a very short deadline for submitting a National Register nomination, they turned to SHP. SHP was able to complete the project within ten days after receiving a notice to proceed thereby keeping this important community revitalization project on track.

Design Review Guidelines
Huntsville, Alabama • Client: City of Huntsville Historic Preservation Commission
The City of Huntsville’s historic districts are exceptional examples of how local historic designation and design review can not only maintain the character of historic neighborhoods but substantially improve property values as well. SHP prepared a set of design guidelines to help the city’s historic preservation commission make more consistent decisions and to help promote a broader community understanding about the design review process.

Historic Preservation Component, Greater Downtown Plan
Tuscaloosa, Alabama • Client: Cooper Consulting, Inc., Dallas, Texas
Working as a subcontractor to Dallas-based Cooper Consulting, Inc., SHP will be preparing the historic preservation component for the Redevelopment/Urban Renewal Study for Downtown Tuscaloosa – Greater Downtown Urban Renewal Area. As part of the project, SHP will complete a historic structures survey and prepare recommendations related to historic preservation initiatives.

Tuscaloosa Urban Renewal Area

Tuscaloosa, Alabama • Client: Almon Associates, Inc.
SHP completed Historical American Buildings Survey Documentation for three city blocks in downtown Tuscaloosa that will be demolished to make way for a new federal courthouse project. The project involved preparation of a narrative history and architectural description of the blocks and their individual buildings, large format and digital photography, and measured streetscape drawings.

Lancaster Floor Plant, Armstrong World Industries
Lancaster, Pennsylvania • Clients: EDC Finance Corporation
SHP coordinated the local, state and federal historic preservation reviews for the demolition of a substantial portion of the 2.6 million square foot Lancaster Floor Plant of Armstrong Cork Company (now AWI). Once the largest factory in the world producing linoleum, the plant was the dominant leader among Lancaster County’s expansive and diverse industrial sector for almost a century. Both Franklin and Marshall College and the Lancaster General Hospital will expand onto the site.

Historic Preservation Planning Projects
Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina • Client: Town of Sullivan’s Island
Traditionally the resort island for the residents of Charleston, rising property values have resulted in the demolition of many of the islands historic resources. SHP has completed historic preservation component of a major revision to the town’s planning and zoning ordinances (2003), a National Register Multiple Property Documentation Form and four historic district nominations (2006), and a selected survey of buildings over sixty years old for possible local designation (2007).

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